Scott Meyer

Scott started his career subsequent to his undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering at Purdue University as an Advanced Composite Material Applications Engineer at Thiokol Corporation in 1988. He soon moved from the development of intercontinental ballistic missile systems at Thiokol to next generation NASA Solid Rocket Motor Systems being developed for America’s Space Shuttle Program by Aerojet Corporation based out of Sacramento California in 1991.

In 1993, Scott moved from the advanced technology development of the space industry to apply his lightweight composite materials expertise towards the development of VIP Aircraft Cabin Solutions with Advanced Technology and Research (ATR), a composite structures manufacturing company in Clearwater, Florida as their Engineering Manager. There he began his career in the VVIP world of green completions of Large Transport Category Aircraft for the world’s most elite aircraft operators. Scott developed composite structures applications for aircraft Cabin Interiors for every major completion center in the world and that business blossomed with the advent of the Boeing and Airbus Business Jet market introductions.

After ATR sold to AAR in 1996, Scott as a shareholder fulfilled his corporate obligations and moved on to start up engineering company Jormac Aerospace in 1998 where he rose to Vice President of Engineering & Programs. During his 10 years there he deepened his market expertise by providing engineering services and lightweight interior cabin production solutions to the world’s leading completion centers successfully contributing to over 60 narrow bodies and 10+ wide body completion programs.

Again, the company’s change in ownership would foster new opportunities for Scott which led him to a wholly owned subsidiary of Jet Blue, LiveTV in Orlando Florida as the Managing Director of Aircraft Engineering for hangar operations installing IFE STCs into Part 121 aircraft that number over a 1,000 in service worldwide.

In 2009 he would leave JetBlue to start up Comlux America in Indianapolis as the VP of Engineering,  then as VP of Operations. and later COO of Comlux America.

In March 2015, Scott meyer is appointed CEO Comlux America.


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