October 2014 – Comlux America Services Division is gearing up to offer new features for Bombardier Business Aircraft

The Services division of Comlux America has been gearing up to provide our customers with new services. “Our goal is to always remain one step ahead of our customer’s needs”, says Jim Soleo CEO Comlux America, “by anticipating what they want and need we continue to keep their aircraft up to date and stay one step ahead of our competitors, while securing return business and continuing to grow our industry image to future customers.”

Comlux America Services is one of the first companies to launch a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that installs and certifies FANS 1/A+ equipment on Challenger 600’s through CL-604’s. This modification provides continued access to the most desirable locations while reducing the operating costs and flight time and only requiring minimum downtime to complete. Comlux currently has our first customer for the installation of FANs on a Challenger 601. The customer, Lowell Dowler with Worthington Industries, stated that “the installation and testing went very well and we are looking forward to the flight testing in the third phase to complete the installation,” which is scheduled for the end of October 2014.

The services division of Comlux now also offers 8C inspections on Global aircraft. The first 8C inspection on a Global at Comlux America is currently in work and is scheduled for re-delivery in October 2014 Since its approval as a Bombardier Authorized Service Facility (BASF) in 2009, Comlux has enhanced their experience on Global products and has demonstrated its unique savoir-faire when they performed the first ever fuselage crown skin replacement on a Bombardier Global XRS in 2012, following a lightning strike.  

Comlux America’s services division is also excited to announce they are adding the 70/75 Series Learjet to our Ops Spec. “As an Authorized Service Center for Learjet, we are pleased to have this join our list of approved aircraft. Our mechanics and engineers have followed specific training to be able to support the 70/75 Series Learjet at the highest standard” stated Jim Soleo, CEO of Comlux America. „Learjet, Challenger or Global, bring it to Comlux and we will get it done on time and with the best quality. With all the capabilities at their fingertips Comlux is ready to handle any task”. 

Comlux America located in Indianapolis, Indiana is part of Comlux The Aviation Group, a leading provider of worldwide VIP aviation services that includes aircraft management, VIP charter, aircraft sales and acquisitions, aircraft cabin designs and completions, aircraft engineering services, aircraft maintenance, and avionics design and integration.

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